New List of ALL Tecno Android Phones as of 2014

This is a concise new list of Tecno product In
Nigeria as of 2014��
Tecno B3 (Android 2.3) �C #10,000
Tecno Phantom A111 a.k.a F8 (Android 4.2) �C #
Tecno S5 (Android 4.2) �C #15,000
Tecno S3 (Android 4.1) �C #13,000
Tecno D5 (Android 4.0) �C #15,000
Tecno Q1 (Android 4.0) �C #15,000
Tecno N7 (Android 4.0) �C #25,500
Tecno L3 (Android 4.1) �C #14,500
Tecno Phantom A a.k.a F7 (Android 4.1) �C #
Tecno M7 (Android 4.2) -#26,000
Tecno S3 (Android 4.2) �C #13,500
Tecno P5 (Android 4.2)- #15,500
Tecno Phantom A2 (Android 4.2) �C #35,000
Tecno M3 (Android 4.2) �C #14,000
Tecno Phantom A+ (Android 4.2) �C #36,000
Tecno Phantom PAD (Android 4.2) (TABLET) �C #
Note the prices may differ depending on your
location or store you are buying from…
Update: this prices are strictly from Computer
Village, lagos. Not from Slot nor microstation,their
sales are very high, prices are from marketers in
otigba computer village
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