How To Delete Pre-Installed Apps On Nokia Java Phones

The java phone users are not left out of this blog tutorials. Low internal memory is one of the problem Nokia java users are facing most especially the asha users.
I started browsing solution to this problem when my brother brought it to me. One of the issue you might be facing is;

How To Delete Pre Installed Apps On Nokia Java Phones

  • Music player telling you to free up some space
  • WhatsApp app data keep increasing since it is a pre-installed app you cannot delete or move it which eventually eats up all the phones memory
  • Have deleted all contacts, all messages, pictures, and am still getting insufficient memory.

To be precise i face this issue on asha  206 but i was able to fix it with this little trick. It will also work on other Nokia phones no worries.

How To Delete Pre-installed Apps On Nokia Java Phones

  • Backup your app by going to settings>backup and sync then select only  make sure you have memory card on your phone
  • You will have something like backup.NBF 
  • Download Blueftp from Here open it locate the backup.NBF then rename it to .zip you should have backup.Zip 
  • Open the zip files you will see prefed collections open it you will all the pre-installed apps. You have two options either you write the app name down e.g block breaker_240_private or better still copy the backup file to a PC then extract of with winrar
  • Now get two(2) picture of about 10kb or lower you need to be very careful at this juncture
  • Rename the first file with the name of the app ending with _private for instance if you have blockbreaker_240_320_private remove the _private you should have block breaker_240_320
  • Rename the the second file with same name then end the extension with .jar
  • Mark both file then move to where you have the game or app you will receive 1item not moved already exist. 
  • Go to where you have your pre-installed app you will see that you can now delete it.
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If you have any issues you can drop your comments via the comment box. Soonest I’ll create a video tutorial for better understanding.

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