Easy Steps To Create Twrp Recovery For All MTK Devices

Twrp recovery is  essential to all mtk device most especially when you want to  root your phone, porting custom ROM or installing zip files.
Long ago, after buying a new phone, you need to wait for like 2-3weeks before the custom recovery is ported most especially by Hovatek team. Bit with this post this morning, you will learn how to create custom recovery (twrp recovery) for your phone in less than 1min.

Tools Required
==>A PC window 7 or 8 both works
==>ADB drivers download HERE
=>Twrp installer download Here
==> USB chord
==>USB debuggung enabled on your andriod device

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  • Launch Twrp installer.exe  and click on next
  • port twrp to mtk 1

    • Once the installation is successful, you wil get the screen prompt below
    port twrp to mtk 2
    • You will be prompted if you want to start easy magic installer for MTK press YES
    port twrp to mtk 4
    • Choose Auto port you can also use manual port which prompt you to choose wether you want to use stock boot.img to create twrp recovery. But in my own case, i used auto port

    port twrp to mtk 6
    • Make sure your phone is still connected to your pc then click OK
    port twrp to mtk 7
    • Do you have a flipped recovery screen? choose NO 
    port twrp to mtk 10
    • The program will display your boot image, screen resolution and information just seat back and wait 
    • It will show rebooting to recovery
    port twrp to mtk 11
    • You will receive a popup that “You have successfully ported Twrp recovery to your MTK device”
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