Is Dollar #187?? How Much Is Your Bank Charging You Per Dollar

For some time now, it has been flowing over the air that dollar increase vigorously daily. Some local sellers even went to the extend of hiking price on locally produced goods like purewater then claiming that dollar affected it…lol
The real truth was revealed lately that normal price of dollar to naira is 187# but i think the black market comes in to discourage import from other countries in order to stabilize our blalance of trade and payment with other countries.

dollar restored to naira

READ THIS>>No wories dollar restored back to 187#
This also affects nigerians shopping mall as all our favourite smartphones begins to increase in price daily
Currently, dollar never increased to 300# plus only black market does.Did you buy anything or you are planning to buy? kindly drop the amount your bank charges you for all transaction made on foreign stores
 As for me, my bank GTbank charges 220# for a dollar.

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