Cheap Smartphone You Should Go For this MAY “15

It is no longer new that android decives is the most used phone on the world currently even my grandma is planning to get
If you want to port your phone to a new one then your are on the track.These phones I’ll be reviewing are cheap at affordable prices.

INFINIX HOT:If you are rational about your money and also a game freak Then you should go for infinix hot which has 1gb ram, 1.3quad core processor,16gb rom, camera 5.0mp with battery of 2000mAh.You can get it cheaply for #16000 on konga

INFINIX HOT NOTE:This is the upgrade of infinix hot which has 1gb ram 1.3dual processor, 16gb ROM, camera 8.0mp and a battery life of 4000mAh which can take you for 2days without charging even when radio is on.
You can get it for #24,500

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GIONEE M2:I personally give credit to the manufacturer of this device the phone is slim easy to handle comes with 1gb ram, 8gb ROM 1.3quad processor, camera 8.0 mega pixel and a battery of 4,200mAh
You can it for #27,000

GIONEE M3:The device battery supercedes all others with 5000mAh dual processor 1.3ghz, camera 8.0mp, 1gb ram and 8gb ROM.Another amazing thing I love about this phone is that you can use it to charge your phone it performs the work of power bank.
You can get it for #30,000

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Blu Studio C:The phone is the cheapest among all smartphone it comes with lollipop 5.0 1gb ram 8gb ROM, 1.3quad core processor and a battery 3000mAh.
You can get it for 99$
The choice is yours you can chose wisely your preferred smartphone at affordable prices.

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