How To Unbrick Any Android Devices

The common problems all android freak gets this days is bricking their devices.Bricking may occur during flashing ROM,imel cloning,rooting and others which leads to android hanging at manufacturer screen(boot loop).

If you already brick your device and you are feeling like the phone is gone,I will summon you to give me your full attention because in minutes you will get your phone back to life.
I’ll be sharing with two great methods that works flawlessly.
==>If you have nanadriod backup installed on your device,just look for the same which also have nandriod backup then boot the phone to recovery mode.

==>Booting to recovery mode on some phones may be different if you don’t know yours,kindly Google search.But for all mtk devices hold the power on+button up.
After booting to recovery mode, use the volume key to scroll down to backup then wait till the backup is done.

==>Once the backup is done,copy it to your dead andriod’s memorcard root then,insert it back.Just boot to recovery mode then click restore then your phone will start working normally.

NOTE:If you haven’t installed nandriod backup,look for the same devices with yours then backup up the custom ROM.


Make sure you install the latest java runtime environment on your PC.
==>download onclick unbrick tools here

==>First of all extract the OneClick.jar file you
downloaded (Right click the file and select
==>Now you will get a folder named OneClick
==>Copy the file OneClick.jar (the one from which
you extracted the folder) and paste it into
==>That’s it, now run the file “oneclickloader”
which is on same folder
==>Dialog will open and installation will be
completed (grant access if it asks)

==>it will start running after the installation.

==>Connect your phone via USB then click on unsoft brick.your phone should now come back to normal.
If you have any questions just comment through the comment box
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