Cheap Data Plans For Android IOS and PC users in DEC’2019


Data is something you can’t do without, over the years we all use 1.5Gb as our monthly subscription for N1,000. But now, the 1.5Gb hardly lasts for a week. With the advents of new features on our respective social media, data zaps within a twinkle of an eye on your device. That is why we are reviewing cheap data plans for 2019 in this post.

cheap data plans

Cheap data plans for weekly heavy users

MTN & Airtel Weekly Plan

If you are the type that subscribes weekly, and you are still. To satisfied, then I recommend you opt-in for 6GB for N1500

This plan is a new plan introduced by MTN and Airtel to meet the needs of their customers. It does not zap like other data plans and very economical.

To subscribe to MTN weekly 6GB plan Text “143” to 131

To subscribe to Airtel weekly 6GB plan *141*1504#

Cheap MTN data plans for heavy Internet users

MTN welcome back offer

If you finish 1.5GB in two days, then your case is different. You need to opt in to welcome back offer that gives 4GB for N1000, and if you are on the double data offer, you will get 8GB for N1000. 

The 4GB is exclusive to new SIM, and old sims are not eligible 

To subscribe, Dail *131*65*2# or *567# either works if you are lucky because of its sim selective.

9mobile New Data Plan with Free Access To All Social Media Networks

Note: To be eligible for the welcome back, buy a new sim, keep it idle for 3months.

MTN Data4me

This offer is exclusive to some customers, and it gives 5GB for N1000. If your sim is not eligible, you will receive a message saying “Dear customer you can only enjoy three times of all your recharge

To subscribe to this plan, Dail *567*143# Validity is 14 days.

MTN 1.5GB for N500 For pulse users

This plan is exclusive for MTN pulse users. Just recharge your line with N500 and dial *406*2# to subscribe. It is valid for 7days.

Cheap Airtel data plans for Heavy internet users

Airtel My offer Data Plan

Airtel also introduced 1GB for 200N, but they later discontinued it. There is a new plan on Airtel called “my offer” it is also sim selective; if you are lucky, you can rock it while last. It gives 16GB for N3000 and 9GB for N2000, respectively. To subscribe to this plan, Dail *141*241#.

9Mobile cheap data plans

9mobile 1GB + 3Hours Free Streaming

This new data plan gives you 1GB with 3hours streaming for just 200N

How can I be Eligible?

  • Get a new 9mobile SIM or if your 9Mobile SIM is not older than 3Months, recharge it with 200N
  • Dial *253*20# to subscribe valid for 2days
MTN Unveils More Cheap Dataplans 5GB For 1000#

9mobile 1GB for N200

This has lasted for many years, and it is still saving souls until now.

To subscribe, Load N200 and dial *929*10# to subscribe for the package.

Glo Cheap data plan

Glo Oga SIM 125% bonus

If GLO is your favorite, meaning their network is right in your current location, then you can consider rocking their 125% bonus that gives 13GB for N2500. To be eligible for a 125% bonus, 

Buy a new sim and subscribe any plan at least N1000. You will receive 125% bonus data.

Glo Massive 28GB for N2500

If you are eligible for the oga sim 125% bonus, then try to renew your N2500 plan before the expiration date and get a massive data credit of 28GB(24GB + 5.5GB.

You might want to check out other GLO cheap data plans

1.6GB for N600

4.5GB for N1200

7.2GB for N1500

8.7GB for N1800

12.5GB for N2400

15.6GB for N3000

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