Guide To Flashing Miui 10 Updates With Twrp On Xaiomi

So far, MIUI 10 stable update has been on for xaiomi user and many have gotten theirs through OTA updates while some are still waiting for the MIUI 10 stable update to pop up on their devices for download.
If you unlocked your bootloader through the unofficial way, and you will love to also install the Miui stable updates using a custom recovery like twrp, then you need to take some precautions while flashing to aviod bricking your devices.


How can i brick my device while updating Miui 10 stable updates with Twrp?

Every recovery rom comes with a file called emmc_appsboot.mbn that file automatically relocks your bootloader again after installing the Miui stable rom thereby causing a Bootloop while booting the system.

How to Fix Bootloop While Updating to stable Miui 10 Rom

After downloading your recovery rom, Miui 10 Rom download, open the firmware update folder and delete the emmc_appsboot.mbn file for Miui 10 fastboot rom, delete that file also then zip the roo back 
Now download this modified TWRP recovery for your device here so as to save yourself the stress of creating boot.img
Flash your rom and enjoy Miui 10 features!!

Hope you’ve learnt something from this? Help a friend who is about updating Miui 10 stable update on his phone through twrp to aviod hard brick
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