Glo Lunches 4G LTE Network With The Cheapest 4G Plan Ever

As if glo revised data 1000N for 3.2GB was not enough they went ahead and release more cheaper plans. But this time, you don’t need to complain of slow network because, they launched it with their new 4G LTE.
Glo 4G LTE data plans is considered as the cheapest 4G dataplan ever even NTEL 4G and MTN cannot withstand it.

With this new innovation, data subscription should not be a problem for the glo users and the fresher that will be migrating to GLO network.

But unfortunately, this 4G LTE works in certain cities not all cities will be able to enjoy the 4G. But effort to make it reach everywhere is in progress.

Cheapest And Affordable Data bundle On All Networks June 2018

How To Subscribe Glo 4G Dataplans

==>Dail *777# you will see the 4G LTE dataplans option at the top.

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