All Network Cheap Data Plan You Should Check Out This November

With the various news trending around that telecoms want to increase data tarrif by 100% The plan has started manifesting as our telecoms have started ripping off their customers in form of high data charge with same allocated data.
But on this blog, we try to give our readers the best dataplan they can get for the best price. This post will help you get the cheapest subscription that won’t reap off your pocket this November.

If you are sensitive enough, you will notice that the rate MTN charge data now is beyond normal. But with Double data offer, you can get 100% of any data purchased. The good news is that all sims are eligible it not sim selective. See How to Get 100% double offer on MTN
MTN SME data
If you still prefer MTN SME plans then contact this guy from this link Here

Last week now, glo blocked the unlimited tweak which has made half of glo subscribers to abandon their sims. But glo data plans still rocks 1000N for 3.2gb but only applies to auto renewal only. Effort to restore glo 0.0kb unlimited is still in progress just manage their cheap data plans for now.

when it comes to speed, airtel has proved to Nigerians ttheir stability lately as they now have strong network even considering the fact that their 4G LTE is still in progress.
Airtel also consumes much data like MTN but their own is

How To Share Data On Glo

Airtel 3GB For 1000N
The old blackberry complete plan still works on android devices you need to change your imei to make it work.
Tweak this imei
35676005119 use imei analyser to validate the imei.
Now load 1000N then dail *431#
Set APN:
Note:make sure you tweak your imei before subscribing or else it will not work.

Airtel 200% Data Bonus
This data bonus is for some selected sims. Dail *144# to confirm of you are eligible.

9mobile users are blessed with 60mb daily with latest starkVPN Here
For those that needs Etisalat cheap data plan, your N2000 can still get your 5gb for 1month or N3200 for 10GB.
The heavy downloaders with strong 3G can use YouTube 2hrs streaming unlimitedly.
Here is the settings with anonytun VPN
Click on Edit Custom TCP/HTTP Headers and configure as shown below.

** URL/HOST, input
** Request Method, select POST
** Injection Method, select Normal
** Under Extra Headers, tick Keep Alive and User Agent
>> Click on Generate and Save
>> After that, just click on CONNECT and wait for a few seconds while it connects.
So for the 2hrs you can download unlimitedly with that trick.
And for those that do still love to download Unlimitedly with ucmini then 51VPN works well and downloads unlimitedly. But the issue with 51VPN is that it runs on DNS which makes it slow but downloading with ucmini is very fast.
Download from playstore choose america as your server then connect.

Airtel Releases Killer Plans 2GB,4GB For 200# And 500# Respectively

For the heavy downloaders you can use night plan to fix your downloads. Here is the list of the cheap night plans you can consider.
MTN Night to 131 for 500MB
Airtel Dail *312# [200 for 1.5gb and 25 for 500mb]
Etisalat 1gb for 200N *229 *3 *11#
Glo 500N for 3GB *127 *61#
With this tips i think you should get the best subscription for your phone for the month of November.


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