How To Fix VPN Connected But No Internet Access On Marshmallow 6.0

New smartphones that are being rolled out this season mostly came with marshmallow 6.0 and some nougat 7.0. But do you know the implication of all this higher andriod Os? It tend to make you a fool while operating your phone.
One of the most common issue guys have been facing lately with the new marshmallow 6.0 is that; VPN will connect but no internet access. I was a victim 2days back when i decided to rock glo 0.0kb Unlimited as usual on my new Hot 4 and tweaware connected but no internet access.

vpn connected but no internet access

How To Fix VPN Connected But No Internet Access On Marshmallow
==>Just one thing is needful and you need to satisfy the condition before your VPN will browse. It simply the power saving options you turn it off and your VPN starts working.
 To turn it off, to settings>>Battery>>power saver mode then turn it off
dont be selfish share this post on social media millions of people still find it hard using their VPN to browse especially in Nigeria where VPN is the major way of browsing freely.

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