8 Free Movie Download Sites for Mobile and PC


Movies are one of the forms of media entertainment that we have in today’s world and some even say it is the best. I’m sure everyone reading this loves to watch movies during their spare time to have fun or just pass time. Keep on reading this as I’ll share 8 free movie download sites for mobile and PC that you can use.

In recent years, streaming services have become more and more popular while other forms of watching movies have become less popular with some even being considered obsolete. All streaming services have a subscription fee, and this has made it hard for many people who can’t pay for that to have access to the latest movies.
With the 8 free movie download sites I will share, you would be able to download and watch all the latest movies and TV series without spending a dime.

Free Movie Download Sites for Mobile and PC

1. Tfpdl.se

Movie Download Site

TFPDL is one of the best free movie download sites for mobile and PC that you can use, it is also one of the firsts that I recommend to people. It is a lovely service that provides all the latest movies and TV series.

Many movies on that site are available in 480p or 720p 0r 1080p or 4K resolution. Also, movies are available in H264 or HEVC codecs with the latter loved for needing less storage.
The movies are not hosted on the website which makes TFPDL avoid any DCMA issues. On the site, there is a search button so you can find the available movies. When downloading, the site provides multiple download links so if one doesn’t work, there are others you can use. The ads are quite plenty on this site but that is a price to pay for getting free movies.

2. Yesmovies.ag


YesMovies is another website that you can use if you want to download movies on your smartphone or PC. It has a very straightforward interface so you don’t have to navigate much before you download any movie.

Just like the previous site on this list, YesMovies has a lot of ads which can make downloading frustrating at times.
The website still has a very large library for you to download from and it is frequently updated with the newest films and TV series.
Due to some legal issues, you may need a VPN to access the website in many locations.

3. yts.mx


Yts.mx is a site that you can use to download free movies on your mobile and PC. It has all the latest movies and TV series available.

The site has movies in different resolutions like 480p, 720p, 1080p, 4K, and even 8K. It also has movies in the HEVC codec.
When compared to others on this list, this is a different type of site as it doesn’t give you the movie file directly. Instead, it downloads the YIFY torrent file of the movie so you can then use uTorrent (or any torrent downloader) to complete the download. This makes it not as simple as others.

4. Thenetnaija.net


TheNetNaija is another good website that I’ll recommend if you want to download movies on your phone or PC. It is a site that prioritizes smaller-sized files even at high quality. It already compresses the movies to the lowest size possible.

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This a multi-purpose site as you can read news and do other things on it. When you open the website, go to the movies option in the menu bar. Then go through the movies available or just search for the movie using the search bar at the top.

5. FzMovies.net


FzMovies is one of the best sites available for downloading movies. It is known for having a simple interface with older movies from 2000 all being available.

FzMovies covers Hollywood and Bollywood genres so you have access to thousands of movies. You can also find movies easily as you can either use the search bar or sort the movies alphabetically by year, famous actors, and movie directors. Most movies on the site are available in 480p or 720p resolution.

6. Thepiratebays.com


PirateBay is a multi-purpose website that you can use to download movies on your phone or PC. It has movies in different resolutions ranging from 480p to 1080p or 4K sometimes. It has all the latest films or TV series that you want to download.

It can also be used to download games, music, free tutorials, and many more.

7. Todaytvseries.one


Todaytvseries is a website that gives you access to all the latest TV series as well as movies. It goes around the internet and finds the download link for movies, then shares them with you.

It has movies in 480p or 720p or 1080p resolution and also movies are available in H264 or HEVC codecs. It is also straightforward so you can download without stressing yourself.

8. YouTube


YouTube is a video-sharing and social media platform that is owned by Google. It hosts over a million videos that are available for users to watch.

When talking about free movies, many people don’t talk about YouTube but it is an option to consider. Many producers upload their movies to YouTube and it is also a great source of music videos, comedy, etc. There are also exclusive YouTube series and films that you can watch.

If you see a movie on YouTube that you’d love to download, copy the video URL then go to y2mate.com and paste the URL. Pick your preferred resolution and download the video.

Now, we’ve come to the end of this article showing you 8 free movie download sites for mobile and PC. You can check some latest movies here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Internet streaming services make it easy to get movies for free and watch them on your computer.Although Netflix is a terrific choice, you may also use other free and legal streaming websites like Hotstar and Hulu.

Q1: How Can I Download Full Movies?

Free movie download websites are what you need if you want to download movies for nothing. These websites offer a vast selection of movies, TV shows, and services in addition to being totally free of any legal difficulties. You can choose from Sony Crackle, Netflix, Hulu, and Pluto TV to view movies from a variety of categories without any problem.

Q2. Is a VPN necessary to download movies for free?

A VPN is needed when you visit an illegal website and want to hide what you are doing online.You don’t need a VPN to hide what you’re doing on the internet if you’re sure the site you’re on is safe or legal.So, the requirement for a VPN follows naturally.

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Nevertheless, there is no formal method for determining whether a website is legitimate or not. Nonetheless, we can guarantee that the list we’ve provided is entirely verified. Also, a website’s frequent display of VPN commercials and its abundance of advertisements for ways to make money are red flags that it is an illegal operation. Websites without any restrictions may also occasionally be regarded as unlawful websites.

Q4. How do I download movies for free?

Even though there are an infinite number of ways to watch and download movies online, we have found the most reliable and best places to download new movies for free.Use the list above to locate the top websites for downloading free movies.

Q5. What is the public domain of the movie?

A movie no longer has a specific connection to one house when it enters the public domain. The movie’s producers and managers have released the copyright. Everyone can now legally download, share, and upload the movie as much as they like. He or she won’t be exposed to complicated legal issues if they do this.
He or she won’t be exposed to complicated legal issues if they do this.

Q6. Where can I download full movies for free without subscribing?

There are several options available if you wish to get complete movies without signing up. You can use PublicDomainMovies, Youtube, MyDownloadTube, and other platforms like these that are mentioned above. These are all easy to use and give you secure access to the movies.

Q7. Do I need a VPN for free movie downloads?

No, a VPN is not required to download free movies. The movie can also be downloaded using your regular network. Nonetheless, it is advised that you use a VPN service for improved security if you are downloading from an unsafe third-party website. By doing this, you’ll be able to keep your network secure and prevent hackers and con artists from tracking your IP address.

Q8. Which app is best for streaming movies?

The top streaming apps, such as Cinema APK, Tubi, and BeeTV, can be used to watch movies online. These apps are available for download, installation, and use so that you can stream movies based on your viewing preferences.

Q9. How do I download movies from sites?

Online movie download sites are widely available. Not only are movies simple to view and download, but so are reality shows, web series, and other video entertainment. The best and most reputable websites for free movie downloads are included in the article above. Even for novice users, all of these solutions are acceptable and simple to utilize.

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