WhatsApp Set To Start Charging Business Users

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WhatsApp has decided to start charging WhatsApp business users, which was what they announced in January that it would start allowing small business accounts to interact through the WhatsApp Business application, which has over three million active users.
On Wednesday Facebook Inc’s said Whatsapp messenger service will start charging businesses for sending marketing and customer service messages

WhatsApp Business screenshot 768x325 1

With the high cost whatsapp have incurred, they are ready to monetize whatsapp to tackle social media addiction and to improve privacy safeguard.
According to Whatsapp, messages will be charged at a fixed rate for confirmed delivery, ranging from 0.5 cents to 9 cents per message depending on the country.
So the question now is are you moving back to normal whatsapp or you will still bear the charges of the whatsapp business?

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