Increase The Volume of Speaker,Mic&earphone Of Andriod

If adding more volume to your android device is something you crave hard for,then,I can bet you that you will increase it by
This morning I’ll be sharing with you on how to increase the speaker volume,mic and the headset volume of android device.
Just draw closer to me your learning chair as i flow the knowledge to you.

Tools needed
1. Mobile uncle you can get that from playstore
2. Make sure you take backup of your device I won’t be held responsible for any damage of your device.
3. Your Brain!!

Now,to the main steps..

==>launch mobile uncle then, go to engineer mode.Am using another version of mobile uncle so,my own is MTK SETTINGS

==>Move the page to the front under hardware,you will see audio there click on it.

==>You will see normal mode,headset&loudspeaker.
Do not change anything apart from those things I wrote here or else you will have your device bricked if not careful.

==>Change the highlighted values. The highest is 160 do this for both headset&loudspeaker save then reboot your device.

Note:You can write down/take a screenshot of the values before changing that you revert the changes anytime you like.
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