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With the outbreak of the global pandemic virus called coronavirus CoVid-19, you don’t need to go far on social media joking around with it and spreading fears. Knowing that Twitter will take extra steps to delete tweets that might put people at risk of coronavirus as it sweeps around the globe.

On Wednesday, Twitter updated its policy to discontinue tweets that could place people to a higher risk of transmitting COVID-19. The new policy bans any tweet encouraging Fake or ineffective treatments, prevention and diagnostics as well as tweets that might mislead users by disguising to be from health authorities.

According to Twitter, when a tweet is determined to have violated their policy, the violator is required to remove the post before he can post again. The user is notified via email to remove the post or make an appeal.

The New Twitter safety policy also bans tweets in which people play armchair doctor and make claims like” if you have a wet cough, it’s not coronavirus — But a dry cough is”
“coronavirus cannot attack black people” won’t fly either.


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