Samsung unveils two new chips and the first 5G modem for cars

Samsung is not only a company that manufactures smartphones, laptops, and other smart accessories, they also manufacture chips and modems for cars. The South Korean company has unveiled the Exynos Auto T5123, Exynos S2VPS01 and Exynos Auto V7.
This means that cars are now close to smartphones in terms of computing power and connectivity. Now, Samsung is launching the first 5G modem for cars which has download speeds of up to 5.1 Gbps.


Exynos Auto T5123

The Exynos Auto T5123 is the first ever 5G modem created specifically for automobile use and it is already being mass-produced so you can see it in use in the coming years. This is made to meet all the strict and precise requirements of car parts so it is durable with a long life span.


This isn’t just a modem as it comes with two Cortex-A55 CPU cores, support for a high-speed PCIe interface, and a low-power high-performance LPDDR4x mobile DRAM. It also has a built-in Global Navigation Satellite System for navigation. This reduces the need for other chips in cars.

Exynos Auto V7

The Exynos Auto V7 is the latest addition to Samsung’s processors and it is designed for in-vehicle infotainment systems in mid to high-end vehicles.

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The chipset is built on an 8nm fabrication process and it has eight Cortex-A76 cores clocked at 1.5 GHz coupled with a Mali G76 GPU with 11 cores split into two clusters. The first cluster has eight cores and it helps to render graphics for the central information display on the dashboard. The second cluster has three cores which help to service the display in the instrument cluster and an optional AR heads-up display. The Auto V7 can be paired with up to 32GB of LPDDR4X RAM with a bandwidth of 68GB/s. The chip also has an NPU for AI operations so it can do speech, gesture, and face recognition.


The Exynos Auto V7 has support for up to four different displays, so each passenger in a four-seater can have their display. It also has three HiFi 4 audio processors that deliver excellent audio quality.
As well as having multiple displays support, the Auto V7 can handle up to 12 different cameras to assist drivers and passengers. The chipset imaging system also provides dynamic range compression, geometric distortion correcting, and bad pixel correction. This helps you go have a nice image for surround view and parking assistance.


The Auto V7 comes with strong data protection features and also complies with the industry standard of safety support for cars.

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The Exynos Auto V7 is already in mass production and is going to be available on the next generation of vehicles from different manufacturers.

Exynos S2VPS01


This is the third and final chip that was announced today and it is a power management IC that was designed specifically for the Exynos Auto V7 and V9. It got ASII-B certified earlier this heat. The S2VPS01 has built-in protections for various harmful conditions – over and under-voltage, short circuits, over current and thermal shutdown.

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