Gallery go App – Lightweight, Offline version of Google Photos Launched

What is Gallery go?

Recently, Google just launched an app called Gallery go. Gallery go is an app meant for people with a slow internet connection or no internet connection to quickly get their photos edited. It’s a photo gallery,  designed to work offline using machine learning to organize and give your photo its best quality automatically.

Gallery Go is a new type of lightweight app and gives the best out of the numerous features of Google photos, with this organizing the picture offline. However, there is a slight difference between how Gallery Go and Google photo works. Gallery go works offline while Google photos work online

Out of the numerous functions of Gallery Go are, it works offline, helps users find, edit, and manage their photos, and as a result of this organizes it offline. Similarly, it can be referred to as a lite version of Google photos as it’s functioning in the same similitude as the facebook lite.

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The app was announced in Nigeria and primarily meant for countries like third world countries. For first-timers using smartphones, gallery Go helps users to find easily, edit, and manage photos without the need for high-speed internet or cloud backup.

The stress of finding a photo is eliminated using Gallery Go. With the newly launched app, it becomes easy to find a picture as it keeps every image organized. Thus, making it easy to search accurately. It’s an easy to use tool with features like auto-enhance, filter, rotate, and with one-tap editing, Gallery Go helps your photos look their best. 

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Gallery Go a space of 10MB on your area and uses machine learning to auto-enhance your photos. It can be easily accessed by downloading the app from play store or here, and supported by devices running Android 8.1 Oreo and higher.

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