Tstv Decoders To Be Out For Sale In The Market By Next Week

There is a saying that expectations differs make the heart sick. Nigerians heart is already sick where there has not been any news about tstv since they promised to launch their service back then in October 1.
However, they have made it open to the public that by next week, The promo decoders will be available for those that are intending to get it.


According to him, “We are almost done with our test transmission and we are just putting some finishing touches and hopefully by the grace of God, between now and next week the decoders will be out for sale. “We are informing Nigerians that they must enjoy their Christmas with their decoders. So before Christmas, the decoders will be everywhere in the market”
How Much is Tstv Decoder?
The price still remains N5000 with all promo intact with free 20gb valid for 1 month.

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Will TSTV air beIN Sport?
“We are keeping our promises on the channels and all the channels including beIN Sports channels are there with even more other channels that were not included in our bouquet before.”
“We have more better channels that are coming and the total number of channels will be over 70, ’’ he said.
So let’s just wait till next week the proposed time when tstv will go live in the market.

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