End Of The Year Cheap Data Plans On All Network For The Heavy Data Users

I have not reviewed cheapest data plans for my readers this month. But today I have decided to show you guys the cheapest data plans on all network mainly for the heavy the data users. The normal data users can use Nov cheap data plans preview to subscribe for this month.


Airtel users who downloads heavily can make use of the Airtel unlimited dataplan
1. Unlimited-10 for N10,000 valid for 30 days capped 40Gb after then speed throttling applies.
2. Unlimited-15 for N15,000 also valid for 30 days capped 65GB speed throttling also applies after exhausting the allocated GB
3. Unlimited-20 for N20,000 valid for 30 days capped 100GB.

Airtel users that can afford much can also buy the Fero 1801 phones that came with a promo of 36GB and N15,000 airtime valid for 6months click here to learn more about the offer.

Tstv 20GB Offer 
Tstv has promised to launch their decoder next week and we are waiting for them patiently to enjoy the free 20GB for N5,000. One of our reader even suggest buying the decoders monthly…lol

NCC Directives - MTN Introduces Grace/Roll Over Period Over All DataPlans

Glo has also introduced unlimited data plan for its users. With just N20,000 you can enjoy 180GB just dail *777# and follow the screen prompt to subscribe for your unlimited.

If you consume data alot thwb i wont advice you to subscribe the normal etsialat plan.
You can actually buy cheap data from third party agents
Contact +2348100749398 he is a trusted agent.

9mobile Unlimited
9mobile is currently downloading unlimited and it is for heavy user who have large files to download. With N400, you can download
unlimited with your 9mobile sim for 2hours
using the following procedures;
>>Download Anonytun beta here
>>Make sure 9mobile is stable in your location
and if you have 4G the better your speed.
>>Recharge your 9mobile sim with N400 and
subscribe to 9mobile YouTube by dialing *200#,
and select option 3 consecutively
>>Now you have successfully subscribed to
YouTube 2hours.
Configure Your Anonytun this way:
Launch AnonyTun Beta.
Tap on CONFIGURACIƓN (Stealth Settings)
Then turn on Tunel VPN ON/OFF
Change Connection Protoco to HTTP
Change Puerto to 8081
Turn on PAYLOAD (Custom TCP/HTTP
Click on EDITAR PAYLOAD (Edit Custom TCP/
HTTP Headers)
Now use below settings
URL/Host: myaccount.google.com
Request method: POST
Injection method: Normal
Tick User-Agent
Tick Keep-Alive
Leave other boxes un-ticked
Click on GENERATE , then Save
Finally, click on CONECTAR , wait a few seconds
for AnonyTun Beta to connect.

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