You Can Now Send And Receive Money In Facebook Messenger With PayPal

Some few months back, Skype launched this same payment option to their latest update which allows you to send and receive money from the Skype app. Now, Facebook has also adopted same techniques which allows its users to access PayPal services (sending and receiving) through Facebook messenger.


Although, Facebook already added PayPal features to messenger to pay for goods and services, but it lacked the features of sending and receiving funds on paypal.
Now, Facebook and PayPal just announced that a new P2P (peer-to-peer) payment system has been added to Messenger. What this means is that if you are using Facebook chat service, you’ll now have the option to send and request money from family and friends using your PayPal account.
The features is only available to the resident in the united States to send money to family and friends. Effort to make it open to all countries is in progress.

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