This PC Application Can Save Your Eyes From Defects

Commonly, we blink our eyes approximately 15 times per minute, however this rate decreases by using half while we are staring at our computer. As we squint to read those miniature screens, our facial muscle tissues tighten, eyes become fatigued and imaginative and prescient may be blurred or strained. This series of signs is known as “computer vision syndrome”


This evening, I will unleash an application that can save you from straining your eyes while on PC.
Whether you are the type that reads a lot from PC or you write a lot from PC, this application will be useful for you.
1. Download Dimmer for PC use winrar to extract the files to a new folder. If it pops up password, use this mikewill
2. Now launch dimmer.exe it will be minimized in the background so you can edit its properties to your taste.
3.Once dimmer is active, you will notice a little blur in your screen brightness.

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