How To Permanently Fix Screen Overlay On Android Devices

Display screen overlay is a primary trouble maximum marshmallow and nougat are facing presently. It is a new feature Android added to their latest Os. The pop up message is simply stressful that it renders your mobile phone useless as it denies your apps permissions.

What is display screen overlay?
It makes apps to display info on pinnacle of other apps. For instance, facebook messenger makes use of this feature for their chat heads to be proven over other apps.

How To Permanently Fix Screen Overlay On Android Devices
How To Permanently Fix Screen Overlay On Android Devices

Method 1
Download this file from playstore button unlocker open it then tick accessibility then, the screen overlay will not pop up again.

Method 2:

  • Go to settings>>Apps then click on the little setting gear at the top
  • Choose “draw over other app” then you will see a list of apps causing screen overlay
  • Just tap on it one after the other and tick OFF button.
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Method 3

This method works well alongside with method 2. All you just need to do is to;
  • Download startup manager free  then apply the method 2.
  • Now open startup manager then disable all the startup applications 
  • Reboot your phone and you won’t see screen overlay again.

With this 3 methods i have posted, i know surely that it will get rid of screen overlay from your phone.

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  1. App causing Screen Overlay Detected error on tecno android device…
    App Name BABEL FONTS
    Package Name :com.mephone.fonts
    Source directory : /data/app/com.mephone.fonts-1/base.apk

    I just uninstalled the app and the Screen Overlay problem on techno device was Gone. I am now happy that why i came back to tell you what i did because this really annoyed me and i didn’t not want to factory reset my device.

  2. Thanks for this reply. I've read every solutions online to no avail, seen several video on youtube, nana… but your reply holds the antidote all along.

  3. Hey fashina
    You are now my little god.. ..
    I swear you make me proud being a Nigerian..
    Out of milk no of blogs out there you only provided me this screen overlay solution.
    You are the best
    Much love

  4. I have done everything you said, yet i still have same problem. Now no name appear on my whatsapp contact list (ONLY digits). If i try to open messages, contacts, gallery, infact anything i attempt to open triggers that error message. I need help with this tecno phone.

  5. My C9 phone has a screen overlay which doesn't even allow me any access to the phone. It will not respond to anything. The ovelay s browser related…"Invalid click" or "WARNATION…Eskimi" whenever I try to use my Etisalat Sim, "Web Browser Page not Available…::ERR_PAGE_NOT_FOUND" whenever I insert my Airtel. How do I permanently resolve this.

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