[Facebook] Fix Storage And Data Issues With Facebook App Modded Apk + Inbuilt Messenger

There has been much complains about the Facebook app since Facebook developers started adding bulky features. Most android user, suffers from low device storage and many complains about high data useage which is caused by this same Facebook app.
At some point, i had to uninstall the Facebook app and its messenger to save 20% of my battery life when I discovered that; i need to delete important files each time i try downloading from google playstore.
This afternoon, I came across the Facebook app modded Apk that does not consumes much storage space, low data useage and most importantly, embedded with messenger no need to download messenger separately.

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Facebook Fix Storage And Data Issues Facebook App Modded Apk  With Inbuilt Messenger
Facebook Fix Storage And Data Issues Facebook App Modded Apk  With Inbuilt Messenger 

Here are the highlighted features of the Facebook modded Apk.
==>Inbuilt Messenger
==>no need to install an extra messenger app at the expense of your device storage.
==>easy navigation between posts/timeline and replying messenger chats.
==>save more device storage.

==>And few other features available on the Facebook app mod apk with inbuilt messenger

Where Can I download Facebook Modded Apk?
You can download it to your device Here
Post credits: Driodpost

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Let’s know your feedback if it works with your device because it does not work with all Android Os

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