How I Increased My AdSense Earning By 200% Using Ezoic

If you are a blogger or you own a website which has been monetized, you will understand what AdSense is. It is actually an advertisng network platform powdered by google itself. We all know AdSense does not support more than 3 ads on a live page which might possibly be the reason why your adsense earning is not coming up. But in my own case after integrating ezoic, i experienced up to 200% increase.

What is Ezoic?
The goal of the program was to provide Adsense publishers with a list of partners that they can be assured have the highest quality standards, know and comply with all policies and provide the best results and service.
The Certified AdSense program later evolved into the Google Certified Publishing Partner Program.

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How To Set Up Ezoic For Increasing Ad Revenue

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1. Create an account & link it to your blog
using CloudFlare.
2. Add the Ezoic script to your blog’s
3. Convert all existing ad units to serve
via Ezoic, and create new ad units.
4. Apply for Google’s Ad Exchange
5. Start using the Ezoic Ad Tester.
This 5 things I posted are very essential.

  • Register an Account with Ezoic Here
  • After registration, you need to integrate your website using cloudflare once that is done,
  • You will be given a script not more than 3lines and you are expected to place it under your <head> on your website.
  • After that is done, then what you need is ad testing it will run through your website then it will locate your AdSense ads.
  • Now click on convert then you will see your new ads instead of clicking the old AdSense ads, use the newly generated one you can make the ads to show 5times on a page which will result to increased earnings.
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Just go-ahead and try it out and let’s see if your AdSense earnings will increase or not. This post emanates from Shoutmeloud if you need easy and quick step to set up Ezoic for your website with pictures and videos click HERE

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