How To Make Interbank Transfer With Just N50 Bank Charges

It is no longer new that banks charge their customer for interbank transfer (transferring from one bank to another) at mostly N105 on each transfer made.
But this evening I’ll show you a new way to make inter-bank transfer with just N50. Please note that it is 100% legit it is not a trick.
The app that makes this happen is called buxme created by wema bank to make money transfer and receiving easy.

How To Make Interbank Transfer Without 105 Bank Charges

Description Of Buxme
• You can send money to anyone using their phone number or email address or bank account.
• Sending money across banks costs just 50 naira only.
• Money moves directly from your bank account to the receiver’s bank account. In other words, this is not a wallet.
• You get to see a clear summary of how much money you have sent versus how much you have received.
• You can add friends and also send them money requests when you need a quick loan.
• The app is bank-agnostic and works with any Nigerian bank-issued debit card.
• You don’t need to forcefully signup or download the app to
receive money by email or phone number.

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Where Can I Download Buxme?
==>Android users and ios user should download it from their respective store or from the official website
Hope this will save you the cost of N55 being charged by our local banks?
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