Fix What Sucks Your Battery While Using PsiphonVPN On Andriod

Psiphon handler was initially abandoned long ago because it works as normal VPN no Tweak can be integrated inside it.
When a handler menu was embedded, much people now use it because it powers all mtn and etisalat free browsing. I even  make conclusion that psiphon is the best alternative to simple server in terms of speed and VPN features then..

But the modded version with handler menu is noticed to suck much power on andriod devices maybe you have not noticed that?

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What sucks my battery while using psiphon?
After much research I discovered that after your psiphon is connected it begins to display multiple google ads sometimes it might be video.
To test my hypothesis, I quit psiphon VPN then I switched back to openvpn then I saw that it was not consuming power.
How to fix psiphon consuming much power

  • There is nothing than removing the google ads which I did using lucky patcher.
  • But better still to avoid longer process, have uploaded a cracked version of the psiphon VPN download now
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