How To Create CWM Recovery Of All Mtk Andriod Manually

Evening my faithful blogreaders,I posted earlier for the iPhone users on how to tweak their imel.This evening,I’ll be sharing with you on how to create CWM recovery of any mtk android especially the tecnos, Gionee, Infinix,Opsson, Innjoo, Lead1, TLC.e.t.c.
I’ll be very succtinct.but,let me make a quick introduction of what CWM recovery is.

How to flash a custom recovery of all mtk devices

What is CWM recovery??
All android devices comes with a recovery mode that allows them only to erase all your personal data only in case you input wrong pattern. while other functions there,are is called stock recovery because,other functions like backup&restore are locked up.
ClockworkMod(CWM)recovery allows you to perform several advanced recovery,restoration, installation and maintenance operations on your Android device that aren’t possible with the stock recovery,and is one of the most common ways to backup device data,install custom ROMs, kernels, themes & mods, and more.
How do I create/flash CWM recovery on my device
Download pdanet
Download mtk droid tools
==>Install pdanet to get drivers for your device.
==>After installation,it will prompt for the name of your device just choose from the list if yours is not listed,choose others.
==>Enable USB debugging on your device to do that,go to developer options then tick USB debugging. If no developer go to>settings>build number and keep tapping it till you see it.
==>Now,extract mtk driod tools and run mtk droid tools as administrator.
==>You should see a green light indicating connected to PC.
==>If MTK fails to detect your phone,press the power+down button
==>Click Root at the bottom of MTK and select Yes
if prompted on PC and Grant on phone
==>A green bar should load and the yellow box
should become green
==>Click on the root,backup,recovery tab at the top
==>Click Backup and wait for the backup process to
be complete
==>When prompted to pack backup, select No.
==>Now,it will ask you to boot.img if you do not have the file boot from your phone.
==>A popup message will showup for you to choose your img file just follow this path(MTK folder >
Backups > Phone backup)
==> click OK then your phone should boot in CWM recovery mode.

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