Run Android Apps on BB10 Devices

Not quite long when BB released for the first time a device running android operating system.but,the process not that easy.just seat back and relax because this morning,I’ll be showing you how to run android apps on BB10.And it will also be a great advantage of using mtn Bis on it.

1.Most carriers
have released the 10.2.1 update but some
are still holding it back, you will need to be
running BlackBerry 10 version 10.2.1 to do
this process. From here the aim is to install
the Amazon Appstore which should allow
you to download Android apps with very
little stress.

2. To install the Amazon Appstore you should
open up your browser on the BB10 device
and visit here.There will be a button on the
top right asking you to download, you know
what to do
3. Your BlackBerry device may ask you to
change your installing app settings. If so,
agree to it, there will be a toggle called
Installing Apps from Other Sources, turn that
to ON. From there you can install the
Amazon Appstore straight to your device.

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4. Accept the T&C’s and then open up the
wonderful store.
5. To go any further from this point you’ll need
an Amazon account to download the apps
from. If you’ve already got one be sure to
sign in and if you haven’t got an account
already there is an option to sign up.
6. From there, you’re home free. You can now
explore the variety of apps available on the
Amazon Appstore.
That’s just it then,you can now download openvpn connect and enjoy bis on your BB10 check how to do that HERE
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