How To Use Bis On All Device With SimpleServer

Afternoon guys,the older tweak I posted yesterday seems to be very slow(driodvpn).this afternoon,I’ll show you how to make it fast.i know that your appetite is already wet.but,I’ll just advise you to take a bottle of cold Pepsi while you read on.
how can I use bis on my device??

  how to use bis on my device

1.Andriod===>android devices consumes a lot of data so there is for a cheaper internet subscription.but unfortunately, no subscription yet for andriod.follow my steps..
Firstly, subscribe to bis plan for test, I strongly recommend BBCday for 100# just send this in SMS format BBCDAY to 21600
==Then,download android simple serverHERE
==Install it and go to settings and click on inject query and input
Then to inject query
Then go to injectline and just press your space bar 4times and save it.
Set your APN to
Port: 8080
To make it work with all applications download proxydriod HERE then, configure like this host:
Port:8080 save and enjoy….

Screenshot 2014 07 01 15 49 33

2.For pc users==>its not too complex because, have done everything inside the zip file just download it HERE then,unzip it make sure the config file and the simple server are inside the same folder just subscribe the bbcday for a test and after that if you like then,you subscribe monthly.
Open the simple server then set all your Mozilla like this IP: port:8080
To make it work with all app,download proxifier from here set it up with IP: port:8080
3.symbian users are not left out of this just wake your dead then input this
Goto settings, Create new access point With The
following Details:-


Name: Simpleserver
Port:- 8080
Now Open your SimpleServer
Acess Point:- choose d access point you created
Local Host:-
Local Port:- 8080
Click on HTTP Query:-
Frontquery:- None
Middle Qury:- None
Back Query:- None
Reverse Query:- None
Inject Method:- HEAD
Inject Newline:- rn
Inject SplitLINE:- Default
Click on HTTP Header:
Add/del/rep Header 1: Http
Add/del/Rep Value 1:
Add/del/Rep Header
Add/del/Rep Value 2: none
Add/del/rep Header 3:
Others should be NONE
Click On Server Config:-
Fetch Server:- NONE
Keep Server:- None
Url Replacer:- None
Advanced Mode:- yes
Tunel Proxy:- No
Https Connection:- yes
Server Buffer:- 1024
Screen size:- Normal
Proxy Host:-
Proxy Port:- 8080
Exit and Open it again
You can use any of the browsers,
Ucweb, Opera
etisalat bis tweak cooking…dont be stingy share this with your friends by hitting the share button.

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