Glo bis now rocking wella on all device tested 100% working

Android device has been the most common device by people nowdays.
But,the device is noticed to be consuming a lot of data.
This evening,I’ll be showing you how to use glo bis on all device including iPad

How to Activate 6GB for just 2K
To activate this plan, simply load 1K on your Glo
line and then subscribe for the Monthly Glo Bis, to
opt-in simply send ” Comonth ” to “777” with a
blackberry device, then after few hours Later, load
another 1K and perform same procedure, then you
would be given 6GB data plan for just 2K, and this
BIS plan would expire in 2months time.
How Glo Bis works on PC, iPhones and Androids:
To tether Glo Bis on PC or iphones, simply tether
through the use of hotspot through your bold 5,
bb10 or curve 7, But for Android users, you can
apply the below procedure.
Glo Bis on Android device:
After activating the 6Gb with a BB device as
explained above, then simply make use of that
same blackberry device to surf the internet for
about 5mins, then remove the sim and insert into
your android device.
After you’ve inserted your sim in your android
device, then move to the network settings and
change the apn to and save, then
Once the above procedure is completed, then
switch on your data(H won’t display yet) and then
off your android device, then remove the sim and
insert back to that same blackberry device and surf
the internet for another few mins, maybe 5minutes
precisely, make sure that the blackberry device is
on 3G when surfing, then remove your sim and
insert to your android device and start surfing.
NB: Pls’d read the above procedure strictly.
Apart from the above procedure, we’ve another
procedure in which you can surf Glo bis on
Android device, but it’s a very risky one. It’s know
as tweaking your imei method , and the method
works 100% than the first.
I won’t be posting the method here, but if you still
insist I should post it, I’ll, but it would be made in
the comment box, so if you’re interested in such
method, the comment below.
Disclaimer: The second method can lead to brick
of your device and it’s also illegal tweaking the
imei of your device in countries.

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